Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) DPC

  • Integral aluminium foil for resistance to methane, radon and CO2.
  • Easy to apply using traditional methods.
  • Use with Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) Membrane for complete integrity.
  • Independently assessed
Tehniline teave

Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) Damp Proof Course is a flexible polyethylene DPC with an aluminium foil designed to prevent the transmission of carbon dioxide, radon and methane gases. This is in addition to the products usage as a damp proof course. Resistance to carbon dioxide, radon and methane is achieved by an integral aluminium film.

Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) DPC should be used on any site where carbon dioxide, radon or methane is a problem. Methane will occur on any construction, on any sites previously used for landfill. Such conditions can exist on household, commercial and industrial sites. Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) DPC has excellent physical characteristics and good cold flex performance. It is suitable for vertical, horizontal, stepped and cavity tray applications.

Storage & Handling
Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) DPC is classified as non hazardous when used in accordance with the relevant British Standards. The product is chemically inert and is not affected by acids and alkalis that may be present in the sub-soils.

Technical Advice
For advice on detailing or installation call Visqueen's Technical Help Line:
t: 01685 840672

Pricing & Availability
Prices may be obtained from our UK Network of merchant stockists. For details of these call our Sales Office:
t: 01685 840672

Dimensional Details
Roll Length(m)30
Available Widths500mm - 1000mm
Physical Characteristics
Tensile Strength (N /mm2) (BS2782:320A)
Elongation at Break% (BS2782:320A) Longitudinal262%
Elongation at Break% Foil58.4%
Methane Gas Resistance mls/m2/24hr<0.01