Visqueen DPM to Pifa Standard

  • Conforms to PIFA standard 6/83A:1995.
  • High puncture resistance.

  • Proven performance over many years.
  • Withstands rough site handling.
  • Comprehensive range to satisfy most site conditions.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality reprocessed materials.
Tehniline teave

Visqueen Damp Proof Membranes are a high quality range of polyethylene Damp Proof Membranes, available in Blue or Black and produced to PIFA Standard 6/83A:1995.

Manufactured from high quality reprocessed low density polyethylene (LDPE) Visqueen Damp Proof Membranes have successfully prevented moisture penetration from floors for many years. From our experience we have developed our own strict quality and production management systems. These systems which continuously monitor key performance criteria, along with a strict selective raw material policy ensures a consistently high quality DPM.

Visqueen Damp Proof Membranes comply with the relevant Building Regulations. Visqueen Damp Proof Membranes should be used in conjunction with the Visqueen Jointing System to ensure complete integrity of joins.

The extensive range of Visqueen Damp Proof Membranes means that they are suitable for use in floors in most site conditions, not subject to hydrostatic pressure. In these applications use Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane.

Visqueen DPM Jointing System
For jointing adjacent sheets of Visqueen DPM, DPM to DPC & DPC to DPC, Visqueen Jointing System should be used. The system comprises of the following:

Visqueen Double Sided Jointing Tape
A double sided adhesive strip which forms a tenacious bond between sheets.

Visqueen Girth Jointing Tape
A self adhesive pressure sensitive tape used in conjunction with Visqueen Double Sided Jointing Tape.

Dimensional Details
Nominal Thickness250mu, 300mu, 500mu
Gauge1000(250mu), 1200(300mu), 2000(500mu)
Roll length25m(250mu), 25m(300mu), 12.5m(500mu)
Roll Width4m(250mu, 300mu, 500mu)
Minimum Roll Weight23Kg(250mu), 27.6Kg(300mu), 23Kg(500mu)
Physical Characteristics
Tensile Strength (BS2782:320A)250mu (N/25mm) 90(min) (MPa) 14.4(min)
300mu (N/25mm) 108(min) (MPa) 14.4(min)
500mu (N/25mm) 180(min) (MPa) 14.4(min)
Elongation at Break % BS2782:320A) *(56 days @ 80OC)250mu unaged 500(min) aged* 250(min)
300mu unaged 500(min) aged* 250(min)
500mu unaged 500(min) aged* 250(min)
Tear Resistance (MOAT (N)10(min) (N/mm)40(min)
300mu (N)12(min) (N/mm)40(min)
500mu (N)20(min) (N/mm)40(min)
Impact Strength Fold (f50,g)250mu: 250(min)
300mu: 300(min)
500mu: 500(min)
Impact Strength Body (f50,g)250mu: 500(min)
300mu: 600(min)
500mu: 1000(min)
Water Vapour Transmission g/m2/24hr250mu: 1.0(max)
300mu: 0.8(max)
500mu: 0.5(max)
Visqueen Double Sided Jointing Tape
Roll Length (m)10
Width (mm)50
Visqueen Girth Jointing Tape
Length (m)33
Roll Width (mm)100